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Constructora Meltzer S.A. was founded on October 1st 1957 as it was Publicly registered. (book 41, page 583, section 16223). Since then its core business has been the construction of various types of building structures including offices, industrial facilities, banks, hotels and embassies. On April 1975 the board of directors was rearranged, Mr. Abraham Meltzer was appointed as President and Mr. Henry Meltzer as Vice-President. as it is Publicly registered (book146, page 332, section 282).

Since 1957 Constructora Meltzer S.A. has designed and constructed a significant amount of high profile projects in Costa Rica. Our committement to customer satisfaction has been the key to our success. As expressed in our mission statement "productivity and quality", our main goal is to deliver quality projects at a competitive price.

We are pleased to have been chosen by differente clients for all the expansion stages of their business , as well as for having built projects to the children and grand children of our original clients.



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